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Admission Notice: 2024 - 2025 Session

General Policy

Message from the Principal's Desk

Light to enlighten - this powerful motto encapsulates the spirit and mission of St. Francis de Sales Hr Sec School in Bahalpur.

Dear Prospective Parents,

Greetings! I am thrilled to share our vision with you. As our motto suggests, we are committed to providing an education that illuminates the mind and nurtures the heart.

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of human life, we acknowledge the importance of four fundamental aspects: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. To achieve harmony, fulfilment, and completeness, our educational approach is designed to heal, develop, and integrate these dimensions. We not only focus on sharpening intellectual faculties but also on nurturing the physical body, fostering emotional well-being, and cultivating spiritual growth. By addressing these aspects comprehensively, we aim to empower students to lead lives that are not only intellectually enriched but also emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.

Our commitment and passion extend beyond academics; we strive to cultivate the totality of each child. We believe that a balanced education equips students to navigate life's challenges and discover deeper meaning and purpose.

As valued, respected, and potential parents, your support and collaboration are integral to our mission. Your involvement will play a crucial role in identifying and nurturing outstanding students from diverse backgrounds. Should you have any inquiries or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to provide the information and assistance you need.

May the light of knowledge and wisdom guide you and your child on this educational journey.

Warm regards,

Joe Varghese MSFS


St. Francis de Sales Hr Sec School, Bahalpur

Admission Enquiry
  • 1. For any admission-related inquiry, you can drop your queries at "CONTACT THE SCHOOL" available on our school website, write a mail at [email protected] or call us at +919476816485 (8 AM - 4 PM).
  • 2. The school prospectus & brochure shall be available in the school website at the beginning of the admission process.
  • 3. The school publishes admission notifications through its official website, Desalite Connect, Social media and official school whatsapp groups as per the academic calendar.
Admission Calendar

The admission process for every academic year commences as per the school admission calendar.

Admission Calendar
Class Time of Admission
Classes Nursery 1st November
Classes LKG, UKG & I - X & XII 1st February
Classes XI 1st March
  • 1. The admission for Classes LKG, UKG & I to X & XII depends upon the availability of seats.
  • 2. Admission to any Class shall only be for students who have completed the previous class.
Online Registration Form

Parents seeking admission in Classes Nursery & XI may fill up the Online Registration Form available in the school website, in case of unavailability of online admission forms. The school shall notify the parents as per seat availability.

Online Application Form

The complete online application form needs to be submitted for further procedure. Parents are requested to upload the ward's passport-size photograph, Father / Mother / Guardian (Separately) while filling up the form, along with a few documents to be uploaded.

Admission Policy
  • 1. The school has a transparent and fair admission process following the norms of SEBA, AHSEC and based on the vision and mission of the school.
  • 2. All applications for admission are to be submitted online only through the official school portal.
  • 3. The school provides an opportunity for admission to all students irrespective of caste, creed, gender and religion. Being an institution holding a minority certificate, preference shall be given to Catholic students.
  • 4. The school has the right to reserve two seats in every class and section under the Management Quota.
  • 5. Neither collection of the admission form nor its submission is a guarantee of admission to the school.
  • 6. Admission of short-listed students is confirmed only by making the payment of New Admission Fees within the time specified by the School Authorities.
  • 7. Admission shall be considered provisional till submission of required documents within the stipulated time marked by the School Authorities.
  • 8. Selected candidates shall receive notifications of admission results via E-mail / WhatsApp and may pay the applicable fees to confirm admission. Confirmation of admission is subjected only to payment of fees during the stipulated time marked by the school.
  • 9. SFS reserves the right to change the Fee Structure.
  • 10. The school shall not entertain requests for change in names of students and their date of birth after the admission is confirmed, except in cases of spelling errors in names. In case of a complete change of names, the school shall accept the request only if a court affidavit supports it.
  • 11. The school follows the no donation policy for granting admissions.
  • 12. Admission is guaranteed as per the criteria set by the School Management.
  • 13. Transfer Certificate (TC) shall be issued to students only after all dues have been cleared, provided the parent/student has applied for TC two days prior to the date of withdrawal.
  • 14. No stream change shall be allowed after the Registration of students in Class XI.
Criteria for Admission
Age Criteria

The students seeking admission have to satisfy the requirements of age limits (minimum & maximum) as mentioned in the table below. The School Management reserves the right of relaxation of up to 6 months for both lower and upper age limits for the purpose of admission.

Class Age Group
Nursery 3 years to 4 years
LKG 4 years to 5 years
UKG 5 years to 6 years
Class I 6 years to 7 years
Class II 7 years to 8 years
Class III - Class V 8 years to 11 years
Class VI - Class VIII 11 years to 14 years
Class IX - Class XII 14 years to 18 years
Criteria For Baseline Assessment & Interaction
Baseline Assessment Interaction
Classes Nursery, LKG Parents & Students
Classes UKG & I - X & XII Not Applicable
Class XI Non-SFS Students
  • 1. For Class XI, students must have appeared in the Class X qualifying examination from a recognized school affiliated with SEBA / any State Board of Education / SEBA/ICSE.
  • 2. To get a better insight into the students' rational knowledge and communication skills, interaction with the students & parents (as applicable) is conducted along with the baseline assessment.
Steps to be Followed for the Admission Process:
  • 1. Standard Online Application Form to be filled up carefully & application fee to be paid.
  • 2. Ensure that the name of the child and parents are as per the submitted documents only.
  • 3. Appearing for the Baseline Assessment as per the dates sent to the applicant by WhatsApp.
  • 4. Submitting the hard copy of the Standard Online Application to the Admission Officer on the day scheduled for baseline assessment and/or interaction (as applicable).
  • 5. Submitting the Admission Feedback Form.
  • 6. Publication of results in the School Website.
  • 7. Confirmation of Admission (By making the payment of new Admission Fees within the stipulated time marked by the School Authorities).
Non-Refund of Fees

All fees, once paid, are not refundable. The school shall adjust the fees in the subsequent quarters in case of any unforeseen situation.

Right of Alteration / Modification

Management reserves the right to modify, alter and/or include any other terms and conditions that may be deemed fit in the interest of the Institution.

Document Required

The below mentioned documents are mandatory to be submitted after seeking Admission for verification:

  • 1. Photo copy of the student's Birth Certificate.
  • 2. Photo copy of the mark sheet of the proceeding Final Examination shall be submitted after result declaration.
  • 3. Original Transfer / Bonafide / Provisional Certificate from previous school for Classes LKG - I.
  • 4. Original Transfer Certificate from previous school for Classes II - XII.
  • 5. Photo copy of the Migration Certificate (only for students migrating from different board).
  • 6. Photo copy of the Caste Certificate if applicable.
  • 7. PEN (Permanent Education Number) No of the student for classes I - XII

Note: The school management shall call for the original documents for the purpose of verification.

Right of Alteration/Modification

Management reserves its right to modify, alter and / or include any other terms and conditions that may be deemed fit in the interest of the Institution.

SFS reserves its right to change the Fee Structure.

Note: Admission to applicants is open only to grades where vacancy is available.