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St. Francis de Sales School, Bahalpur is a Christian Minority Educational Institution administered and managed by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales to impart an integrated and value based education to the youth. The School was offically inagurated on 3rd Feb 2003. The Founder Principal Rev. Fr. Anto Joseph stayed at Chapar from October 2002. Through his hard work and initiative, the present plot of land at Bahalpur was purchased.

In 2010, the mission was entrusted to the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales by Bp.Thomas Pulloppillil of Bongaigaon. Opened as St. Jude’s School in Feb 2003, it was re-christened as St. Francis de Sales School from 2005. In 2006, Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (St.Joseph’s Province of Tellichery, Kerala) joined the Mission. Today it has grown into a full pledged high school with 620 students and 25 teaching and 5 Non – teaching staffs.

The School primarily visualizes to inculcate in every pupil with scientific temper and critical mind. The school commits to uphold the values of secularism, democracy, justice, liberty and fraternity in all matters concerning the socio- economic and cultural life of the individual and society.

What the StrenghtOUR CORE VALUE

St. Francis de Sales School aims to develop in every child an integrated personality with a healthy mind and body, possessing strength and capacity to work. It lays stress on academic excellence, leadership qualities, personal hygiene and belief in God and man.

A Holistic Society of Compassionately Human; Spiritually Enlightened; Intellectually Awakened; Professionally Skilled; Socially Committed; Culturally Integrated persons based on the values as lived and taught by Jesus Christ and followed by St. Francis de Sales.

  • To provide a conducive atmosphere for intellectual development;
  • To instill wholesome professional ethics
  • To imbue the virtues of gentleness, compassion and optimism
  • To impart authentic leadership training
  • To promote environmental consciousness
  • To foster a caring and human society meant to promote the marginalized
  • To foster a caring and human society meant to promote the marginalized. And thus, equip the younger generation with needed life skills to become


Our Founder Fr. Peter Marie Mermier

Fr. Peter Marie Mermier, the founder of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales was born in Savoy, France in 1790. He was a man of deep faith and clear vision. Inspired by he spirit and personality of St. Francis de Sales, he founded the congregation of M.S.F.S. in 1838. He had a great zeal for the missions and the education of the youth. Imbibed by his spirit the first M.S.F.S. Missionaries landed in India in 1845 and ever since they are deeply committed to the educational apostolate in India and elsewhere. Fr. Peter Mermier was called to his eternal reward on 30th September 1862 after having run his race successfully and faithfully. Every year the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales celebrate 30th September as “Mermier Day”.

Our Patron St. Francis De Sales

St. Francis De Sales, our patron saint of the .S.F.S. was born in France in 1567. He is known as the gentleman saint and is one of the greatest saints of modern epoch. He is a doctor of the church and the patron of journalists in the Catholic Church. He was a zealous missionary, intrepid preacher, educationalist, writer, humanist and an advocate of universal sanctity for all categories of people of God. As the Bishop of Geneva he made himself ‘all to all’ by his inspiring words and lively deeds. He holds a lofty and singular position in position in French literature. His writings are spiritual classics, filled with wisdom and love of God. He died in 1622 and continues to inspire millions by his simplicity, humility and gentleness. Numerous congregations are founded under his patronage in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of St. Francis De Sales on 24th January every year.